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DIY “Miracle” Facial Creams (2 Recipes)

Posted in Beauty by  •  August 18, 2014

If you've decided to use only natural products for skin care, like me, then you must try these recipes for homemade facial cream. There is nothing...

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DIY Mosquito Repellent Recipes!

Posted in Natural Remedies by  •  July 2, 2014

Summer time! The good weather is here, and of course the unpleasant mosquito bites too. Although they are annoying just by itself, the importance of...

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40+ Healthy Vegan Breakfast Recipes!

Posted in Recipes by  •  July 2, 2014

Vegan food can be so delicious and it seems like more and more of us have tried a vegan diet, whatever is that because of a vegan challenge or a wide...

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21 Delicious Vegan Ice Cream Recipes

Posted in Recipes by  •  June 23, 2014

Summer is definitely the ice cream season! So whether you are 5 or 55 it’s hard to resist the call of ice cream! Just because you can’t have...

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The “Meatless Monday” trend is growing in popularity across the globe. I know many people who participate in this movement for different reasons,...

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5 Smoothie Recipes for Good Health!

Posted in Recipes by  •  May 9, 2014

Homemade smoothies are great! I have already tried many smoothie recipes and these are some of my favorite ones. Loaded with with fresh fruits and...

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The Best Anti-Aging Recipes from Around the World!

Posted in Beauty by  •  April 14, 2014

When it comes to facial and body care, women from around the world have the same issue, and that is to look younger and to reduce the visibility of...

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