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Homemade Hairspray Recipes

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For years, the hairspray is in the center of heated debates about its harmfulness to human health and the environment. This product is usually composed of polymeric resins, solvents, gases, plasticizers, perfumes and silicones. For this reason, its use is most feared by certain categories of people, such as pregnant women.

It seems, in fact, that women exposed during pregnancy to the substances contained in the lacquer spray have a bigger chance of conceiving babies with birth defects. The substances that are accused as harmful of damaging the fetus are phthalates.

However, scientists are unwilling to launch a “hairspray alarm”, as it would be premature to announce scientifically that this may the cause of a disease.

Meanwhile, many hairdressers no longer use this product but work with other products, which are not causing irritation, allergies and dermatitis.
The best thing we can do is stop using this spray and look for other less harmful alternatives for our planet and our precious health.

Or, we can make a DIY version of the hairspray. Surely, with this will benefit our health, the environment and our pockets.
The recipes are very simple and, you should choose a hairspray recipe according to the type of your hair. Anyway, for both of the recipes you’ll need a few simple ingredients.

homemade hairspray recipes

 Homemade Hairspray Recipes with Natural Ingredients

1. Hairspray suitable for greasy hair:

• 1 lemon
• 150 ml of distilled water
• 5 grams of fructose (or sugar)
• 2 drops of essential oil of bitter orange (where to buy)

2. Hairspray suitable for dry hair:

• 1 orange
• 150 ml of distilled water
• 5 grams of fructose (or sugar)
• 2 drops of essential oil of bitter orange


Start with citrus peel select: preserved zest that will serve you later, and squeeze the fruit. Pour the juice and the water in a pan and boil for about 1 minute. Pour the mixture into a container, add a zest of orange or lemon and let rest in the refrigerator for 5 to 7 days. After this time, pour the solution into a spray bottle, shake well and spray on your hair.


Always shake well the bottle before using. This way the bottom residue will recirculate.

Share with us your experience! (I felt in love with the delicious smell right after the first use!)

The self-production of creams and other cosmetics is a feasible solution in practice, less expensive than purchasing industrial products, fun and rewarding in terms of eco-consciousness. So let start protecting our health and the living environment!

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