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40+ Healthy Vegan Breakfast Recipes!

Posted in Recipes by  •  July 2, 2014

Vegan food can be so delicious and it seems like more and more of us have tried a vegan diet, whatever is that because of a vegan challenge or a wide...

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21 Delicious Vegan Ice Cream Recipes

Posted in Recipes by  •  June 23, 2014

Summer is definitely the ice cream season! So whether you are 5 or 55 it’s hard to resist the call of ice cream! Just because you can’t have...

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The “Meatless Monday” trend is growing in popularity across the globe. I know many people who participate in this movement for different reasons,...

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Tasty Mandarin Orange and Avocado Spring Rolls

Posted in Recipes by  •  June 20, 2014

I’m going to tell you a secret. These don’t have manderine oranges in them, but they should. It’s not that they weren’t tasty this way, they...

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A light and refreshing salad with fennel ... A very typical side dish on Sicilian tables. Fennel, orange, olives, olive oil and oregano– don’t...

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How to Make the Best Homemade Hummus Ever!

Posted in Recipes by  •  May 29, 2014

The hummus recipe is one of the most popular Middle Eastern and Arabic recipes. For many people the best, for much more the healthiest spread in the...

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Perfect Homemade Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe!

Posted in Recipes by  •  May 21, 2014

Mayonnaise is one of those household items that we continue to buy when we go shopping  and YOU (just like many of us) love using mayo on your...

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5 Smoothie Recipes for Good Health!

Posted in Recipes by  •  May 9, 2014

Homemade smoothies are great! I have already tried many smoothie recipes and these are some of my favorite ones. Loaded with with fresh fruits and...

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Delicious Pineapple Grapefruit Smoothie!

Posted in Food, Recipes by  •  May 4, 2014

There is something about smoothies that makes them so irresistible. But I assure you, this smoothie is one of the best! Plus, it is great if you...

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I make Brussels sprouts quite a bit and every time I do, I can’t believe I've waited this long to enjoy them. They are by far one of our favorite...

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This Smoothie Will Help You to Cope with Insomnia!

Posted in Recipes by  •  April 26, 2014

The consequence of today's fast lifestyle, stress filled days, bad eating choices and lack of physical activity, is very often reflected on the...

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Amazing Food Art Creations Your Kids Will Go Crazy About!

Posted in Food, Recipes by  •  April 6, 2014

The great thing about having a food blog is that slowly it becomes a part of your identity. The people, instead of talking with you about the...

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How Can I Ease Allergy Symptoms Without Drugs?

Posted in Natural Remedies, Recipes by  •  April 6, 2014

Are you suffering from spring allergies? You can suppress them effectively with this healthy juice. The juice is beneficial not only for fighting...

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The term "wheatgrass" refers to grass grown from grain (wheat), barley, oats and rye. Wheatgrass is usually consumed as a juice. It is suitable...

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Easiest Cabbage Salad Recipe You’ll Ever Make!

Posted in Recipes by  •  March 20, 2014

This tasty and low calorie cabbage salad is super simple and healthy recipe. Wonderful with beans and fish or other meal that is on your daily...

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Chia seeds are considered as superfood because of their high nutrition values. They deliver maximum amount of nutrients including fiber, protein...

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