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Natural Remedies for Headaches!

Posted in Food by  •  October 1, 2015

Stress, lack of sleep, allergies, strife, toxins in your perfume, infection ... – there are a lot of factors that can cause a...

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Master Cleanse-Your Simple 5-Day Diet Detox Program!

Posted in Food by  •  September 22, 2015

How to clean the body in 5 days with the help of lemons and maple syrup! This is a very simple and effective detox program. Fasting based on lemon...

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DIY Cosmetics with coconut oil for hair and body, and more... Healthy Food Mind suggests some DIY cosmetics with coconut oil such as hand scrub,...

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13 Foods that You Can Regrow from Kitchen Scraps

Posted in Food by  •  September 16, 2015

13 Foods that You Can Regrow from Kitchen Scraps On the subject of kitchen recycling even the most careful and virtuous of you may have...

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The Truth about Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Posted in Food by  •  September 16, 2014

The investigative journalist Tom Mueller reveals what really lies in the cheap olive oil from the supermarket labeled as 'extra virgin'. In his book...

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If a headache, fatigue and joint pain bothers you, it's time to take care of the pH balance in your body. Maintaining the optimum pH levels in the...

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How to Get Whiter Teeth Naturally!

Posted in Beauty, Food by  •  September 1, 2014

Have you ever dreamed of a perfectly white smile? Here's what you have to do! Use just a few of the most common fruits like banana, strawberry,...

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Useful Cancer Prevention Tips that Everyone Needs to Know!

Posted in Food by  •  August 25, 2014

"What you eat is very important, especially when speaking about cancer," says Colleen Doyle, director of nutrition and physical activity in the...

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How to Get Rid of Varicose Veins Naturally!

Posted in Food by  •  August 17, 2014

Lavender, Yarrow and St. John's wort, make the Top 3 of the mostly used and effective herbs in traditional recipes for varicose veins. These herbs...

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Raspberries- Tiny Nutritional Powerhouses!

Posted in Food by  •  August 16, 2014

Raspberries season has come! We are in the middle of the summer and the raspberry lovers now can enjoy the explosive flavor of these delicious little...

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Do you want to know which are the most useful vegetable and fruit seeds for your health? Major rule is that most seeds of vegetables and fruits are...

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Have you ever wondered what is the best immunity booster your body can have? It certainly is the natural immunostimulant which will 100% naturally...

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What Are the Low Testosterone Symptoms!

Posted in Food by  •  August 7, 2014

What is testosterone deficiency? Deficiency (lack) of testosterone occurs when the testicles produce not enough testosterone. The reasons for this...

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How to Tell if Your Potassium is Low!

Posted in Food by  •  August 6, 2014

Potassium is a very significant body element. Muscle relaxation, proper nerve function, maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, are just part of...

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Embrace the Almighty Pomegranate! [VIDEO]

Posted in Food by  •  August 6, 2014

Pomegranate season is upon us! Late summer is the period of the year in which you can enjoy the sweet, ruby pomegranate seeds which will boost your...

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Coconut oil is very popular lately. People have put together hundreds of different uses for this beneficial oil. It has found its way into the...

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How to Freeze Raspberries and Blackberries Properly!

Posted in Food by  •  August 1, 2014

Do you know how to freeze raspberries and blackberries properly? With the following tips you can enjoy their magnificent taste and the desserts with...

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You don't have to starve and skip meals in order to lose weight. It will be enough if instead of ice cream, chocolate and soda to eat healthy foods...

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Zucchini-Not Your Thing? It Should Be!

Posted in Food by  •  July 30, 2014

Zucchini is one of the ideal foods for consumption in summer. It is low in calories but very rich in vitamins and other nutrients such as fiber....

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How to Get a Flat Belly at Any Age!

Posted in Food, Mind by  •  July 29, 2014

It is possible to have a flat belly for life. Just read this text about what diet and physical activity you need to practice over the decades. How...

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