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5 Powerful and Natural Antibiotics from Your Kitchen!

May 12, 2015 at 4:04 pm  •  Posted in Natural Remedies by  •  1 Comment


Including foods and herbs that are natural antibiotics (contain antibiotic properties) in your diet can support your immune system and help to defend you from certain infectious bacteria.

As we know, nature is a valuable ally of our health and our well-being, offering natural remedies best suited to your individual requirements. For the treatment of the most common seasonal illnesses, the plant world is rich in herbs and plants with many beneficial properties similar – and sometimes even more effective – than synthetic medicines.
Thanks to these herbs and plants that are natural remedies (natural antibiotics) always available for any kind of discomfort, you can cure many bacterial infections and inflammatory conditions such as common colds, fever, sore throat and bronchitis without necessarily resorting to drugs and, what’s even more important, with no side effects.


Some plants taken in the form of syrups, decoctions, infusions, tea and herbal tea, in fact, act in the body as real natural antibiotics and are very effective in combating seasonal illnesses, soothe inflammation, counteract the action of bacteria and stimulate natural defenses of our body. 
Let’s see what are the best natural allies of our health and what plants and herbs can be used as natural antibiotics before resorting to the synthetic antibiotics, that is to say those produced by synthesis in the laboratory.

What are the Best Natural Antibiotics?

1. Garlic

Among the most popular and effective natural antibiotics the first place without doubt belongs to the garlic, a natural remedy against fever and cold, rich in beneficial properties known among many people since ancient times.

It has strong antibacterial and anti-viral properties, it’s an antioxidant that helps protect the body from free radicals and regulates blood pressure while protecting the heart and arteries.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, garlic is an excellent natural antiseptic and bactericidal that stimulates the immune system and that should be taken (especially raw) on a regular basis in order to make the most of all the benefits.

2. Ginger

Another valuable ally of our health, is ginger, which owns its beneficial properties to the complex of active ingredients.

Moreover, in recent years studies have shown that ginger is one of the top 10 foods that are most effective in the prevention of cancer.
Consuming an average amount of ginger between 10 and 30 grams a day, perhaps in the form of syrup and used instead of sugar in herbal teas, ginger can be an indispensable ally of our natural wellness.
It’s a perfect remedy for elimination of the the mucus accumulation and with it clearing the infection out of your lungs. Ginger is a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory that is a perfect cure for the common seasonal illnesses.

3. Oregano

In addition to its pleasant scent perfect to flavor our favorite dishes, oregano is also a very valuable medicinal plant to our health and well-known in the field of herbal medicine for many therapeutic properties.
The best way to enjoy its many benefits is to use the essential oil that is derived from this aromatic plant so widespread in the Mediterranean. This oil is also the most powerful antiseptic found in nature and has an antibiotic and antiviral effective even against the dreaded Staphylococcus.
In aromatherapy, essential oil of oregano is widely used for the treatment of bronchitis, asthma, cough and other syndromes of the respiratory system. In general, its many healing properties make oregano antiseptic, antibacterial and antispasmodic a very effective natural remedy.

 4. Green tea

From the leaves of green tea is obtained a polyphenol that has always been considered a very effective natural supplement in treating antibiotic bacteria like streptococcus and e-coli. Just like ginger, it is considered a natural anti-cancer, particularly effective and protective for the skin.
Green tea is also a powerful natural antioxidant that can stimulate and strengthen the immune system of our body by improving the elasticity and tone of the tissues.
Regular usage, maybe a cup a day without adding milk, can helps your metabolism, it will strengthen the cardiovascular system and can prevent many diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. (where to buy)

5. Spices

In addition to these natural ingredients, there are also the spices that act in the body as natural antibiotics. Among these, the most effective are the cinnamon, turmeric, thyme and rosemary which are also essential in weight loss diets.

Try to replace as much as possible the use of salt in cooking, for example, it is a great way to take care of your health with a keen eye to the line.

With the natural cures and the constant pursuit of wealth without chemistry, when possible: considering the danger of reckless use of antibiotics, natural remedies can and must represent a “green”, more useful, cheap and more effective alternative that traditional medicine!


The rule is always the same: always seek the advice of your doctor and do not resort to ‘do-it-yourself’ therapies if the discomfort is acute and complex.

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  1. Jennifer / June 1, 2015 at 3:49 pm / Reply

    I think Garlic, ginger and green tea are very good for my health and skin. They have many benefits. They help prevent cough, protect health from cold weather and make me always energic. I love them…

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